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Vision and Mission

The ITB Strategic Plan is a document for five years, elaborating on the vision and mission, and the Rector of ITB priority programs and guided by the ITB Development Master Plan (RENIP). In line with the Strategic Plan, the Administrative Affair and Information Bureau as a Supporting Work Unit under the University Secretary (SI) following its duties and functions, has the following vision and mission.

Vision :

To modernize the Administrative Affair and Information Bureau of Institut Teknologi Bandung as a model for a modern Administration and Information System for National Universities.

Mission :

  • To run the administrative process following the legal laws and regulations in Higher Education/ITB as well as in Indonesia;
  • To establish and develop modernization of administrative official, including the official scripts, the effectiveness and efficient of archive management, guided by the legal laws and regulations;
  • To develop the effectiveness and efficient data and information management;
  • To civilize e-Office application for managing electronic official scripts and archive in ITB;
  • To compile and establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for administrative, data, and information official, both internal and external.